Our garden design is characterised by our passion for creating truly inspired outside spaces. From the very start of your design journey, through to build and planting, you can be assured that we will provide the highest quality service placing you, the customer at the heart of the design process. At our first meeting, which can be face-to-face or online, we will discuss your requirements, timeline and budget. We will then draw up a proposal brief that summarises everything we have discussed and provide a design fee based on the scope of work. Once the proposal has been accepted, your designer will visit the site to complete the survey including taking detailed measurements and plotting any major existing elements such as trees and buildings. We will then produce a concept design showing hard and soft landscaping, paving options, locations of specimen trees, recommended building structures such as pergolas and planting styles. If necessary we can research local requirements such as planning, flora, building style and street design.


Initial Consultation & Brief

After your initial enquiry one of our designers will arrange an appointment with you to discuss requirements and elements you desire for your garden. We will also talk about a timeline and budget for your new space. 

From the initial meeting a brief will be drawn up summarising everything discussed, to ensure that any details have not been missed.

Site Survey & Analysis

Once the proposal has been approved, a designer will visit site to complete the survey.  This involves measuring boundaries, plotting any major trees or shrubs that are existing or protected (TPO). If needed a topographical survey would also be taken using survey equipment.

Concept Design

A concept design is the first stage of a full design process. A drawing is created, in a coloured plan format, showing hard and soft landscaping features. Detail into the paving options, locations of specimen trees, recommended building structures such as pergolas, and planting styles are also addressed.

Detail Development

This is where we breakdown the initial concept design to include more detail if needed or desired. Such additions may include sections and elevations showing detail of level changes, step & wall and garden structures. In Addition we can also include lighting, planting and irrigation plans.

3D Design

For those clients who want to see their new garden come alive, we provide a 3D design service. This will give you a physical representation of your new garden, including foliage, buildings, levels and lighting effects.

Estimating / Quoting

Care and attention is given to every fixed priced quotation that we produced. 




Lighting & Power

A detail plan will show location of every light, the cable and conduit required, any junction boxes, where we suggest power be taken from and any additional items such as water feature, electric gates, security lighting, etc. All of these will be installed by our trusted electricians.

Planting Schedules

A detailed plan will show each individual plant location. Each plant will have its own symbol and a key will help it be allocated to a bed or area. A mood board will be provided as a reference to the suggested planting. 

Irrigation Systems

A detail plan will show the location or pop up sprinklers, dip lines, soaker hoses, taps, underground rain water storage, etc and all the pipework connecting it all together. 

Photo Realistic Design

A physical representation of the garden, including foliage, buildings, levels and lighting effects. These will be presented to you as a 3D walkthrough or a selection of still images.



When possible our design team will produce a 3d render with an animated fly through for our clients to ensure that the design can be full visualised and discussed before signing off on the build. 


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