Work & Play

A family garden designed and constructed in the height of lockdown to create a space for both work and play. The clean contemporary lines of porcelain tiles form a terrace and frontage to a bespoke garden studio. This is finished in tongue and groove cedar which will silver in time and custom Anthracite grey bi-fold doors. The garden studio takes advantage of the level change in the garden by lowering into the corner of the plot, its visual impact on the space is reduced. The studio is then finished with a green sedum roof to provide an attractive show from the house that is situated above the garden. The sharp clean lines of the materials used juxtapose the soft prairie planting scheme. Multi stem silver Birch trees line the boundary and add interest at height whilst screening the garden. Further up the garden, a compacted gravel perimeter path edges the lawn with a brick detail. A raised play area, edged in Oak sleepers, is installed to hold a swing set and designed this way so that it can be removed easily when the children grow up without effecting the overall finish of the garden.

LocationLindfield, West Sussex
Duration3 months
Price£0 - £50k

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